Dr. Rajesh K. P.

Assistant Professor of Sociology


Rajesh K P holds MPhil (Research and Development) from the Gandhigram Rural Institute, Tamil Nadu and obtained PhD in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. Prior to joining with Maharashtra National Law University (MNLU) Nagpur as an Assistant Professor of Sociology, he taught in the School of Livelihoods and Development at Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS), Hyderabad from 2017 to 2020. He was the faculty coordinator for BA in Social Science at TISS Hyderabad. He worked as an Academic Fellow at Ambedkar University Delhi between 2013-2014 and taught for the MPhil programme in Development Practice.

His research areas and interests include sociology of social movements and development, postcolonial political sociology, civil and political society, Adivasis and Modernity in Kerala, Indigenous People’s Rights, Law and Development, and Legal and Social Theory: Citizenship, Social Justice, Sovereignty and Freedom. His recent publications are The Anti-Coca ColaMovement (Journal of Developing Societies, Sage Publication) and Social Movement Studies in India, Within and Beyond Sociology: Constructing Post-Colonial Political Sociology as an Evolving Framework(Asian Journal of Social Science, Elsevier Publication). The forthcoming publication is Theorising Marginality: Discourses on the Making of Modern Adivasi Communities in Kerala(South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies,Taylor and Francis). He is currently working on another paper that is tentatively titled New Urban Spaces, Emerging Markets and Acquisition of Land without Coercion: Conceptualising the Experiences of Kerala, India.