Vice-Chancellor's Desk

Prof.(Dr.) Vijender Kumar


Welcome to National Law University, Nagpur (NLU, Nagpur). NLU, Nagpur is established by Maharashtra Government by way of enactment known as the Maharashtra National Law University Act (Maharashtra Act No. VI of 2014) and the University takes pride to be the Nineteenth National Law University in the country. The University shall be making rapid progress towards its dream of achieving excellence in the field of legal education with its dedicated faculty members, staff and students under the able guidance and supervision of its founding members, visionaries, well-wishers and members of different statutory bodies of the University.

I believe that the strength of the University is its students. The University shall leave no stone unturned to ensure that they become sincere and committed legal professionals by providing them with the best of training, infrastructure, a well-stocked library and other facilities. Apart from their academic activities, the University shall ensure that they undertake internship and training both with the national and international law firms; corporate houses; the judiciary- Trial Courts, Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India; Government Departments and NGOs across the country. The University encourages the students to take part in moot court competitions, literary events, seminars and conferences, sports and cultural activities within the University as well as outside to enable them to improve their skills in their respective fields. We, at the NLU, Nagpur, are committed to give to the society, qualified lawyers and judges, able administrators, academicians, intellectuals, distinguished leaders and socially responsible citizens.

In the near future, the University would work towards exchange programme through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with foreign universities for students and faculty exchange activities. Wherein students shall study for a semester at the foreign university and the grades/scores earned at the host university shall merge in the grade sheet of NLU, Nagpur accordingly. Similarly, the faculty of NLU, Nagpur shall also get an opportunity to teach and / or research at the foreign university for a short while and bring back the experience in the classroom at the university. The University shall strive towards placing the students for internship with the Hon'ble Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts, Senior Advocates of the Supreme Court and the High Courts, domestic and international law firms and corporate houses as well as NGOs and LPOs. The University shall be making every effort to create a healthy and conducive academic atmosphere in the campus which shall reflect in the number of flagship programmes held in the University including national, international conferences, workshops and seminars.

It is my sincere belief that the University shall continue its efforts to nurture and promote quality legal education through classroom teaching and research and make this University as one of the best National Law University in the country. National Law University, Nagpur has an advantage of its location. The city is known as the Mecca of legal fraternity, a place where intelligentsia and intellectuals' breeze in and out constantly, and a place which has the potential talent pool of academics. All these advantages need to be synergized to build this youngest University to achieve greater heights and new benchmarks in legal education.

The key to that success is the young aspirant - YOU- who desire to join this University. The transformation of your mind with its limitless potential will make this University a unique class of its own. The University is designed and shall be constantly redesigned to address the social, political and economic needs of 'we the people of India' as well as 'we the other people of India'. The University shall focus on overall growth of young minds through different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities besides the academics'. It is possible only if -You- share the dream and passion to achieve them. It is not just -YOU- but your parents, guardians and well-wishers who shall be with you in such dream. Getting an admission in this University is not the achievement but to sustain the goal, learn, unlearn and relearn in this journey, to practice the profession with highest ethical, moral and professional standards, to involve proactively in the issues facing the society would be the real achievement.

The legal education at the University is just a fuel to ignite the fire in YOU. Therefore, I welcome YOU to join the University and be one of the youngest soldiers, be a part of the mission to achieve unachievable goals of life and make this nation be proud of YOU.

Best wishes.